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RF Solutions

R.F. Solutions Ltd

R.F. Solutions Ltd has been established for over 20 years. We provide a range of antennae (mobile & base station), cables and connectors for VHF & UHF, Private Mobile Radio, Mobile Broadband and Cellular Radio applications. In addition, we supply accessories and related products such as:

  • EMP Surge Protectors

  • Splitters

  • Diplexers

  • DC Stops

  • Cable Management Clamps

  • Connector Weather Proofing

  • Cable Earthing Kits


For more information on any of our products get in contact with R.F. Solutions Ltd today.



We provide state of the art, antenna solutions for land vehicles, marine vehicles and for rail networks.



Our antennas are sturdy and reliable. They’re built as both civil and military aircraft communications solutions.



We can provide customised communications solutions for ground-to-air communications designed around navel communications.



We provide modern antenna products for, DAB, UHF TV and FM. Our products are available for low to medium power broadcasts.


Professional Mobile Radio

Our comprehensive selection of dedicated antenna solutions covers the entire PMR spectrum.

Critical Communications

Critical Communications

Our antennas are designed to be a low maintenance, reliable solution for use in critical, demanding radio infrastructures.

product sectors

Product Sectors

We provide clients with a complete range of Antenna, Cable management solutions, connectors, various cables, stubbing and weather proofing solutions and options.

Base Station and Indoor Antennas

Base Station and Indoor Antennas

Our fixed station applications are specially designed for strength and durability and are able to stand up to adverse weather conditions.


Mobile and Vehicle Antennas

We provide specialised antennas for rail networks, road vehicles, and marine applications.


Combiners, Filters and RF System Components

R.F. Solutions Ltd provides filters, power dividers, combiners, multicouplers and duplexers.


Cable And Connectors

We provide a range of innovate cables and connectors for tidy practical cable management both above and below ground.

antenna installation equipment

Antenna Installation Equipment

We provide clients with clamps brackets, wall mounting solutions, and a range of installation accessories.

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