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R.F. Solutions provide a comprehensive range of antennas and antenna accessories to purchase online with delivery available throughout Ireland.

Our range of antenna products are suitable for the following applications:

  • Ground to air

  • Vehicle

  • Broadcast

  • Public safety

  • Transport

  • Utilities

R.F. Solutions have over 20 years' of experience in supplying and designing antennas to specifically meet the needs of our diverse client base.

We take the responsibility of meeting precise legislative, electrical and mechanical requirements very seriously and work closely with every individual to ensure your antenna and antenna accessories are performing optimally.

R.F. Solutions can develop bespoke and customised external and internal antenna solutions for specific applications. Fully understanding a client's requirements in terms of performance and timeframes is at the heart of what we do.


Looking to create a custom antenna? Contact R.F. Solutions for any questions you may have

Our range of antennas and antenna accessories include:

  • Aerial clamps

  • Antenna clamps

  • Broadband antenna aerials

  • Centre-fed dipole antenna aerials

  • Collinear Antenna aerials

  • Directional Antenna aerials

  • EMP protector

  • End-fed dipole antenna aerials

  • Folded dipole antenna aerials

  • Magnetic Antenna aerials base

  • Mobile antenna aerials

  • Omni-directional antenna aerials

  • Surge protector

  • UHF antenna aerials

  • UHF Collinear Antenna aerials

  • UHF End-Fed antenna aerial

  • VHF antenna aerials

  • VHF Collinear Antenna aerials

  • VHF End-Fed antenna aerial

  • Yagi Antenna aerials

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with R.F. Solutions if you cannot find the antenna you need or if you wish to create custom antennas for your specific application.

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