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We provide antennas for DAB, FM, and UHF TV from a low to a medium range frequency.
Our suppliers have invested heavily in both low-frequency antennas and medium frequency antennas. As such we only offer our clients the very latest innovations in antenna broadcast technology. We provide antennas for:

  • DAB Services

  • FM Radio Services

  • UHF TV Services

Our manufactures work closely with all major broadcast providers to ensure absolute synchronisation between broadcast signals and the hardware that receives them. We’re also available to replace old, out of date antenna systems.


For more information on our range of products get in contact with R.F. Solutions Ltd today.

Our Broadcast Antennas

Our contemporary antennas include:

- Dipole Array for Multichannel DAB Applications

- Ofcom Approved Lindenblad Mixed Polarisation Dipole Array for Community FM Radio

Our standard product range contains antennas for log periodic arrays including classic UHF TV and FM Radio signals along with high power dipole and Yagi antennas.
Our range means we’ll have the right solution to suit the complex needs of the broadcast industry.


For your entire broadcast antenna needs get in contact with R.F. Solutions Ltd today.

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