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Connectors & Adapters

R.F Solutions stock a wide range of RG cable connectors that enable individuals to connect cables to other devices while maintaining the cable's shielding.
We are committed to helping our clients in Ireland source the connectors they need for their specific requirements. From achieving quick connections to prioritising durability, R.F Solutions have the product you need.

Our selection of connectors include:

  • 4.3-10 connector

  • 50ohm connector

  • 7/16 Connector

  • BNC connector

  • Coaxial connector

  • Crimp connector

  • DIN connector

  • EIA connector

  • Heliax connector

  • IF connector

  • N-type connector

  • PL259 connector

  • RF connector

  • RG213 connector

  • RG214 connector

  • RG58 connector

  • TNC connector

  • UHF connector


Source the equipment and accessories you need with the help of R.F Solutions


Find the coaxial adapters you need to meet particular application requirements or to simplify installation. Re-sellers, distributers and installers can reduce inventory costs by utilising adapters effectively.

Connect two different pieces of equipment that cannot be joined directly with the aid of an adapter. Browse from our selection below and shop online or get in touch with us directly.

  • R50ohm adapters

  • 50ohm in-series adapter

  • 50ohm inter-series adapter

  • 7/16 in-series adapter

  • 7/16 inter-series adapter

  • BNC in-series adapter

  • BNC inter-series adapter

  • DIN in-series adapters

  • DIN inter-series adapters

  • IF in-series adapter

  • IF inter-series adapter

  • N-type in-series adapter

  • N-type inter-series adapter

  • PL259 in-series adapter

  • RF adapters

  • RF in-series adapter

  • RF inter-series adapter

  • TNC in-series adapter

  • TNC inter-series adapter

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