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R.F. Solutions Ltd provides world-leading antenna solutions for transport applications including marine, vehicle, and rail.
Our antennas are a robust solution to the antenna needs of transportation including trains and coaches.
Our durable products encompass a wide range of radio systems including:

  • UHF Radio

  • VHF

  • GSM

  • Wireless Networks

For the convenience of our customers and to simplify our systems, we offer a combination of elements within a single unit, available to streamline the vehicle antenna installation process.

  • 3G

  • GPS

Our Transport Antenna

Our transport antennas have been used successfully by numerous tram fleets, bus companies, and rail networks. Our supplied antennas have been implemented in the London Bus “iBus” project and the UPS’ UK Delivery lorry fleet.
Our antennas are future proofed so they can adapt to the ever-changing communication needs of the modern world. Our durable, VHF low profile bus antennas, offer post install tuning. This innovative feature means our antennas can adapt to future frequency reassignments, meaning clients won’t have to pay for costly antenna replacements.


For more information on our robust antenna, get in contact with R.F. Solutions Ltd now.

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