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Antennas Ireland

R.F Solutions is Ireland's leading professional antenna supplier. Providing TV aerials, and outdoor antenna, delivering throughout Ireland. Our antennae are designed and manufactured in factories equipped with R&D facilities and are fully certified and calibrated as PIM test plants in both Finland and the UK.


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Antennas Ireland is provided by R.F solutions and is Ireland's leading distributor of tv aerials Ireland. The complexity of our antenna facilitates the use and broadcast of DAB, FM radio services, and UHF TV services, using high-powered dipole and yagi antennae.


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Outdoor antenna

High-quality mobile and base antenna solutions with multiple uses for outdoor applications. We supply world-class omnidirectional, offset pattern and directional antennas, masts, towers and structures made from heavy-duty steel, and will withstand heavy weathering. Easy installation and repair.

Antennas Ireland FAQ

What sectors do you cater to?

Providing antenna solutions for the transport, aviation, defence and broadcast industries

What materials are the antenna made from?

All of our antennae are made from high-quality stainless steel

How do I adjust my TV antenna for the best reception?

Your antenna needs to be exposed to the highest volume of frequency, meaning it should be parallel to the wave source, and perpendicular to the to the wave direction

Can I order online?

Yes – visit our shop

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