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Combiners, Filters And RF System Components

For years we’ve been providing high quality combiner products that include hybrids and TX-combiners. All our high-quality components are manufactured in a state-of–the-art Danish facility. These systems components are designed to fit and work in conjunction with our extensive range of offered antenna. Our supplied combiners are precision engineered by some of the keenest minds in the industry. Our products combine high-quality components with absolute reliability and unparalleled electrical performance.


Filter Combiners/Cavities

We provide clients with filter combiners that are available in conjunction with cavities for connecting lager frequency spacing between transmitters and for hybrid senders with low-frequency spacing.
Our available small cavities and resonators include:

  • Duplex Filters

  • Band Pass Filters

  • Band Stop Filters

  • Pass Stop Filters

  • Low Pass Filters

  • Diplexers

  • Car Radio Couplers


For more information on our combiners, get in contact with R.F. Solutions Ltd today.


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