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Mobile And Vehicle Antennas

R.F. Solutions Ltd supplies clients with a range of mobile antennas. These mobile antennas are manufactured in Denmark and have developed a sterling reputation based on the durability of their build and quality of their performance.
The modern range of antennas we provide include:

  • ¼ λ antennas

  • Broad-Band Compensating Antennas

  • Multi-Band Antennas

  • GPS antennas

  • GPS Combined

  • Shortened ¼ λ Antennas

  • GlassFix® Antennas

  • SideFix® Antennas

  • Antennas For Glass Fibre Roof

  • Motorbike Antennas

  • High Gain Antennas


For more information on our range of mobile antennas, get in contact with R.F. Solutions Ltd today.

Our Mobile Antennas

Our antennas are designed especially for the stress of transport. Their robust build is notable for its strength and longevity. The antennas we have available are primarily used within the transport logistics and public transportation industries.
We have available both single frequency antennas and multi frequency vehicle antennas. These antennas are future proofed and are designed for longevity and absolute reliability.


Shop our Range of Mobile & Vehicle Antennas. Buy Online for Nationwide Delivery.

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