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Critical Communications

R.F. Solutions Ltd provides clients with a full range of reliable antenna products that are designed for busy critical radio infrastructures.
Our products have been implemented in major emergency services, and public radio networks. Our products have been used in everything from VHF and UHF radio systems all the way to modern digital networks like P25 and TETRA.
Our huge range of antennas means that any sized network can be accommodated. No matter the size of the network, with R.F. Solutions Ltd clients will never have to compromise on quality or on performance.


For further information on our modern antennas for Critical Communication networks, get in contact with R.F. Solutions Ltd today.

Our Supplied Antenna

Our suppliers continue to invest in new technology so all our offered products are always at the very forefront of communications technology. Our innovative suppliers have pioneered new technologies that bring antennas firmly into the 21st century. The innovative antennas we provide include indoor broadband antennas and ruggedized lightning proof collinears. All our antennas have a notable low PIM performance.
Our supplied antennas are used in Ireland and in the UK. In the UK the antennas we supply are used in the UK’s airwave network.


For more information on our supplied antennas, get in contact with R.F. Solutions Ltd today.

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