Base Station And Indoor Antennas

R.F. Solutions Ltd provides clients with a comprehensive range of base stations and indoor antennas. Our range covers wireless communication systems and are designed for use in both civil environments and defence environments. We provide antenna’s for:

  • Ground to Air Communications

  • Maritime

  • GPS

  • Cri Transport Logistics

  • Transport Logistics

  • Public Transportation

  • Utilities Telemetry

  • Offshore Communications

  • Naval Vessel Communications

  • TV and Radio Broadcast

  • Indoor and Confined Space Coverage

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Our Antennas

All of our available antennas are designed and manufactured in either the United Kingdom or inside Danish manufacturing plants. These manufacturing plants are equipped with R&D facilities and are fully certified and calibrated as PIM test plants. All our supplied products are designed to exceed our customer’s expectations in regards to performance, quality and reliability.

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